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Gittin’ Quilty!!

i am so in love with this month’s Quilty Box delivery, that I can totally overlook its late arrival. They are understandably busy and expanding.

They must have known some things about me because I like to think that all quilters and makers aren’t totally the same. (We probably are) like, how did they know about my love of cotton and steel and how I am making a mug rug for my quilt guild this month?? Well they knew. Because they included this melody miller charm pack and some teeny tiny batting, just right for my project.  

They even included robin’s egg blue (Tiffany blue?) cotton yarn and a size 5mm crochet hook. Crochet season IS fast approaching! Thanks for the reminder, Quilty Box! 

And finally they have the coordinating Egyptian cotton threads and the entire book! Entire book, folks, of bird appliqué projects. In case you ever forget to put a bird on it. (You won’t). 

So glad I hopped on the Quilty Box train cuz this thing is most likely full steam ahead at this point. 

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