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My Dedicated Quilt Photographer

 This woman is the best. She rearranged her whole house, stuck her head in the ceiling fan, and took photos of my quilts in every room at every angle for me. 

I am starting a new spinoff business wherein I upcycle clothing into keepsake or memory quilts, and these photos will help my new web store stand out, for sure. 

My samples were all twin sized, so Madame Photographer had to be really creative with angles since all the beds we had to use were doubles. 

I am just so pleased she was willing to do this product photography for me. She does not usually do product photographer per se, but she does take my family’s photos every year and she is just the very best at it. I myself have never once taken a satisfactory photo of my quilts, and I have photographed about 40 of them so far. 

So exciting things are on the horizon for La Bizarra, and I can’t wait to show them to everyone. 

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