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New Quilty Toy

I got myself a present! At the SDMQG quilt retreat at the beginning of July, it seemed like everybody but me had one of these little mini travel irons. Which is good because it gave me the chance to get the reviews from actual users. They were unanimously pleased with them. My giant Shark iron has recently started acting up after four years of faithful (and daily) service, so I hopped on board and got a Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron. I am not ashamed to say that I chose the cheapest one, nor am I ashamed to say that I was drawn to the cute name.

I don’t know how it works so well. I’ve heard that when pressing it’s the heat and the pressure and weight of the iron that do the job, so I don’t know how such a tiny and lightweight iron does it, but I’m gonna trust that the iron science adds up.

What I love about it most (besides its adorable size) is that it heats up super fast. It seems like it reaches full heat (hotter than my regular iron) in about 20 seconds. Here’s to hoping I get at least 4 years outta this puppy.


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