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Potter Series, Foray 3

I have just completed reading the Harry Potter series for the third time, and if you’ve ever completed reading the Harry Potter series, you know how I feel. Full of feelings. Hungry for more. Reflective. Pensive. Wise. Just all the feelings.

If you haven’t read the series ever, then 1: what is wrong with you? and 2. go read it and come back when you’re done. Spoilers ensue.

I never intended to read the series at all, but was badgered about it constantly by a friend (a wise friend), until I finally relented. And never once, even when I came to her in tears after the death of Dumbledore, did she rub it in my face that she’s been preaching the HP gospel to me for years. And then, while dating my now-husband, I read the entire series aloud to him. We were long-distance for awhile when I was in law school, and we only saw each other on weekends. So in two or three day installments, we completed the entire series. What if these books were never written?! I would have attempted to court my soul mate by reading him some dry textbook probably. There are no other books suitable for courting!

Anyway, hungry for more, as one gets, I rewatched all the movies, too. And now I’m considering reading The Cursed Child, although I’ve heard mostly lackluster reviews.

Most underrated character of the whole series? It’s a bit of a tie. Mostly it’s Kreacher.


I mean he gets barely a nod in the movies. They even reconfigure the storyline so Dobby can steal even more of his glory! Rude. I understand the need to edit out much of the S.P.E.W. and house elf storylines in the movies. There’s just too much and it spans too many books and they have to try their darnedest to keep those movies under three hours. And I do love Dobby. His enthusiasm and eccentricity and socks. What’s not to love?

But Kreacher. True hero, complex being, leads the Hogwarts House Elves into the fray during the Battle against Voldemort, unconcerned with likeability. Hats off to that guy.

Also, underrated, but now that I think about it, so perfectly represented in the movies, so she gets second place for Most Underrated: Molly Weasley.

molly weasley

That scene in Order of the Phoenix where she attempts to get rid of a Boggart and ends up paralyzed with despair as it transforms into the dead body of each of her loved ones in turn…heartbreaking. The woman had SEVEN CHILDREN, people. And I don’t know how childbirth works in the Wizarding World (I’m terrified to dive that deep into the fanfic, but you just know this is addressed somewhere), but regardless, she raised seven redheaded wizards, and took Harry in as her own to boot.

It also dawned on me during Order of the Phoenix that Molly Weasley is always preparing meals for not only her seven children and husband, but ALL of the members of the Order, and their honored guests. Every time she ran off to fetch tea or snacks or meals for somebody, or more likely a group of somebodies, I could not help but yell, “WHY WON’T SOMEONE HELP MRS. WEASLEY WITH THE COOKING? PLEASE!”

She wasn’t in the original Order (because she was busy creating SEVEN wizards), but becomes a member in the fight against Voldemort despite having school-age children and an army of helpless adult males to tend to. Bad Ass.


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