greenlandI am La Bizarra. I mean, my name is Jenny, but who I am is La Bizarra, which is clearly Spanish, and which I understand to mean The Bizarre Woman, The Weird Girl or The Strange Lady.

This page was started in an effort to commune with other quilters, sewists, crafters, makers, redheads, bizarre ones, humans, and internet presences.

I am a full-time mother of two, quilter, crafter, and mouthy feminist. I took a circuitous path that began as an elementary teacher, cruised through voice-to-text transcription, included world travel, and diverted into working as an education attorney for a short time. But when I finally learned to use a sewing machine, all those previous careers and versions of myself blurred, and I saw clearly for the first time. That’s really what it was like!

Now I spend my days trying to create a more handmade home, live a more intentional and sustainable lifestyle, and teach my children about art, craft, and creativity. Simultaneously I spend my days trying NOT to fly off the handle, NOT to purchase goods that I do not need or can make myself, and NOT eat only ice cream. I am marginally successful at a few of these things.

My new mantra comes from David Sedaris: “Given enough time, I guess anything can look good. All it has to do is survive.”

Because I am lazy, this already-short mantra is often shortened as I chant it throughout the day. “Survivin’. Lookin’ good.” May it infuse all my creations with a bizarre and enduring beauty.



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