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The Geese Improve

Just some updates on my long-term work in progress, Moonrise Kingdom quilt. The palette of the week from is this one, featuring, you guessed it, more khaki and pastels. We will call this one “Sam, I love you.” 

   I knew this quilt would be full of muted tones, but HONESTLY! The hot pink color in the beige lunatics series was really working hard to preserve my sanity. Well I will have to choose a bolder backing fabric or start taking some artistic liberties maybe. 
For this palette, I chose another radiating log cabin block, a shooting sawtooth star (representing a compass rose for the scene depicted), and a Dutchman’s puzzle, which I think shows how my flying geese triangles have improved by leaps and bounds. 

  Also, as a sidenote, at the risk of sounding like a fabric snob, I don’t think I can ever use bargain fat quarters ever again. Top notch fabrics only from here on out for me. My fingertips deserve only the best. 

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Moonrise Kingdom, the blocks 

Well I have started the Wes Anderson Quilt Experiment with three blocks, based on this 6-color palette that we will call “beige lunatics,” based on the associated quote. 

   I went with block 200 from the Quilt Block Bible because it said “moonrise” to me, and then added a six by six square block to present all the colors. I absolutely love this project because it had me combining colors I never would have put together. And it really does put me in a Wes Anderson frame of mind. 

The third block which I think will really be worth the effort, thematically, is block 135 from the Quilt Block Bible, Path of Geese. I knew I needed some sort of Flying Geese block, and this one seemed most suitable for incorporating all 6 colors. But this is my first attempt at it, and I complicated it further by wanting 12 inch blocks and so was doubling all the six inch block patterns. Something went wonky with my math, and all my geese ended up with stubby beaks. I’m going to have to start over. Any tips? Where did I go wrong? 
   Overall, I am quite pleased. If you make a movie palette quilt also, we will come up with an identifying tag and follow along.