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Total Eclipse (partial view)

Today a total solar eclipse was 58% visible from where we live. I had my oldest with me (school FINALLY starts back up next week). And because our library system is the greatest thang in the whole darn place, we went to a local branch’s “Sky Party,” where they had pinhole viewers, box viewers, many many eclipse glasses to pass around, sun print paper, and a lovely courtyard with a great view of the sun at the appointed hour. 

In another post, I will have to detail how our library system made our whole summer special with a Waldo hunt through all the branches. It was really fun and memorable and genius. It cemented my library love. 

So today, my brother took an “eclipse day” off of work, and at the library we got only our 58% eclipse, but it was 100% fun because there was such a huge turnout. I knew we would want to be surrounded a community to share in this phenomenon. Every natural phenomenon is enhanced by the wonderment of others. And honestly, the kids were so creative. I noticed some kids looking at their shadows and making fists, and realized every person can create their own little pinhole viewers with their hand. So clever. And it was more fun to pass around and share the glasses than to have hunted down a pair of my own, what with all the eclipse excitement this year. Supplies were scarce. This way, we all got to take peeks and then hand them to another person and watch them marvel, too. 

My daughter claimed it was her favorite day ever. That might be because we stopped at Chuck E. Cheese for lunch post-eclipse, but I like to think it was because of science!

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Fun Frugal Saturday

On Friday night, I left out a couple of plastic bottles for the kids. A couple weeks ago, there must have been some project at school where they made bugs out of plastic bottles because ever since, my daughter has been digging through recycling and making these paper handprints to “make a bug.” She even hand-wrote “make a bug” on her list of homework assignments for the month. 

So when we woke up at 9(!) on Saturday, the kids had made their own bugs. The mess of paper and glue and googly eyes everywhere was a small price to pay.

My daughter also got a coupon for free froyo from her school Jogathon, so I took the kids to cash in. Then we went to our second favorite library (the “red library” in the next neighborhood over is just a skosh better), the “blue library.” 

I spotted these adorable crochet test tubes in a little science exhibit, and I need to figure out how to make them. I have had a little finger knit loom since I was about 8, used for making the fingers in gloves, I think. I’ll see if I can make them. 

The kids picked out about a dozen videos, then mean mommy made them narrow it down to 4. They colored, they fought over computers, they helped me pick up my hold books. Happiest Place on Earth.