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Bee Quilting Bee

I partook of a little quilting bee yesterday, and because I was traveling to someone else’s house, and didn’t feel like packing up The Notorious S.E.W., my sweet little machine (just your basic Brother XL2600i), I decided to simply cut, bringing a hex tool and some sweet fabric for a bee/honeycomb quilt I have been planning. 

How many people are required to make a quilting bee anyway? How many baes in a bee? Cuz there were just the two of us quilters, though we were accompanied by a gaggle of children. Is that a bee? A mini-bee, at the very least. 

Anyway, ever since seeing this awesome Bumble fabric from Tula Pink, I have been planning to give a hexagon quilt a try. Like many things in the quilting world, it looks so deceptively simple, but is in fact nearly impossible to get just right and requires hours of work. So fun, right?! (Quilters are a weird bunch). 

  The photos don’t do it justice, frankly. It had a brighter green than the pistachio of the photos. Like a delicious pistachio-lime sorbet, maybe. I was planning to mix it up with a variety of neutral shades and the blue honeycombs, but I’m thinking it might need a little more star power mixed in. Maybe bright orangey golden binding? A bold floral backing? Not sure yet. Feel free to guide me. I can never get enough guidance. 

    The bee baes.
  And how do I know that hexagons are so much harder than they look? Because I am a responsible quilter, who spent this afternoon piecing together some scrappy two inch hexies. 

    From what the Internet keeps telling me, seams should be pressed open, and the secret has something to do with leaving quarter inch spaces at the ends of every seam. But I obviously need more practice because these little beauties ended up puckery and full of gaps at the joints, like a …bursitis sufferer eating citrus? Yep. Nailed it.