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The Geese Improve

Just some updates on my long-term work in progress, Moonrise Kingdom quilt. The palette of the week from is this one, featuring, you guessed it, more khaki and pastels. We will call this one “Sam, I love you.” 

   I knew this quilt would be full of muted tones, but HONESTLY! The hot pink color in the beige lunatics series was really working hard to preserve my sanity. Well I will have to choose a bolder backing fabric or start taking some artistic liberties maybe. 
For this palette, I chose another radiating log cabin block, a shooting sawtooth star (representing a compass rose for the scene depicted), and a Dutchman’s puzzle, which I think shows how my flying geese triangles have improved by leaps and bounds. 

  Also, as a sidenote, at the risk of sounding like a fabric snob, I don’t think I can ever use bargain fat quarters ever again. Top notch fabrics only from here on out for me. My fingertips deserve only the best. 

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No really. Wes Anderson Palettes.

Maybe I failed to convey my excitement about Wes Anderson palettes in the previous post. Maybe it has been a slow excitement build. Whatever, I have proof of my enthusiasm. Armed with the very best quality prints that my printer is capable of, I took the Wes Anderson palettes for Moonrise Kingdom (only 3 have been created thus far), an app full of half off coupons, and hit up Joann fabric. 

    I figured if I self-assign a little block-a-day challenge,  I could have a movie themed quilt in a couple weeks. It will be muted, tonal, and twee. I can’t wait.